Duparquet Copper Cookware
5 Division St.  BldG E4
East Greenwich, RI 02818




Originally established in 1852,  Duparquet, Huot, & Monuese, Co. was the predominant US manufacturer of commercial ranges and copper cookware through 1936 when it succumbed to the Great Depression.  Many of the original copper pieces have survived the years and are highly prized by collectors and gourmet cooks today.

Duparquet was reborn when Jim Hamann discovered his calling for the art of copper, a pivotal moment at age 36 in the rolling hills of Burgundy.  Hamann now makes Duparquet copper with pride, in honor of its history, bringing back a time when things were built to last. Hand-crafted in Rhode Island with the finest materials available, these new Duparquet pieces are designed to last more than a lifetime - they will surely last for generations!