Years ago, I decided to hand-craft copper pieces that matched the quality of what I was seeing pass through my hands every day as a restorer of vintage copper cookware.

Clients across the country would send me their collections of old French or English or American copper. The vintage copper pieces always had such incredible character to them. The copper was thick, the handles were solid, and the rivets were massive.  The rugged utilitarian in me was hooked.

I found the new, factory-made copper pieces available today just couldn't compare to their vintage counterparts in character and authenticity.   I felt the need to bring all this back to the kitchens of today.

At Duparquet we hand craft best-in-class, heirloom-quality copper cookware for clients ranging from the passionate home cook to the gourmet restaurants of Relais & Chateaux.  Under one roof, we spin the copper, rivet the handles, tin the cooking surface, and finally polish the finished piece.

Thank you for your interest and support!

      -  Jim Hamann, Founder/Craftsman

Then I began to cook. It was like dancing with the perfect partner. It responded to my every move, and I found myself slowing down to better appreciate the process.
— Ruth Reichl - on the silver-lined Duparquet sauté Town & Country, April 2018
I ordered the 11.25” copper sauté last year. From the moment it arrived it was put on the stove and has been in almost daily use since. I have never had such a perfectly made and perfectly behaving copper pan such as this. It is clear that the thickness makes a big difference. I just ordered the 8.25” pan since I am often cooking for just two or three.

Thank you for providing such a first class product.
— Jan D. - Recent Customer

Duparquet Copper Cookware